2018: Now detox drinks for drug tests

With all the progress and hopeful thinking we have for the future, it definitely does not fail to surprise us once in a while with the weirdest and curious products in the market out there. One such oddity on the shelves is Detox drinks for drug test. There is no denying that with the modern, fast paced and slightly misguided potential of the world in general, drug use is found as a common recreational practice. Be it a Saturday night with an uproarious group of friends or a stressful day at work, more people now are finding substances to be an instantaneous, albeit dangerous and reckless, source of ecstasy, excuse the pun.

The question arises again where, after the hushed events of the weekend, what happens at work the next day? In countries where the drug craze has not yet reached its full effect, like India and other nations, substance testing for continued employment has not yet seen the hoodwinks and cons,like detox drinks for drugs, synthetic urine and others, that it involves.

How does the workplace drug test work?

This test is taken and is taken up by everyone in the workplace for the simple purpose of being able to screen worthy candidates for the job. A couple of the main targets that workplaces strive to hit with the effectiveness of a workplace drug test are:

  • To provide everyone at the workroom, a safe and assured atmosphere to bring out the best in every employee career wise.
  • To detect early symptoms of addiction in people who might be abusing substances to cope with pressure or/and other mental issues.
  • For the purpose of identifying frequent drug users and ensuring them a good chance at rehabilitation and de-addiction.
  • To obey the government and institutional regulations against drug use.

The most standard drug testing procedure with the most accuracy and reliability is the urinalysis. Although the process seems pretty straightforward for simple tests like blood toxicity or UIT, substance testing procedures are entirely different.

Consequently to guarantee validity of the analysis there are regulations that must be adhered to


  • Supervised documentation: A paper trail, so to speak, of the sample and the applicant it belongs to, all the way till the final rounds of testing the sample, to ensure no tampering of the results
  • Preliminary Screen: The first evaluation done on the sample. However for conclusive results one test is hardly enough. Studies have shown false positive results after the first screening.
  • Confirmation Test: A second test (usually by gas chromatography or mass spectrometry) is the final acid test to ensure the legitimacy of the candidate in question. This test result and the preliminary test result must concur as positive for the candidate to fail the drug test.

Aspirants or employees who fail the test are immediately turned down from the post, especially if the position is one of safety and discrepancy. It is not very difficult now, to see why people would prefer not to risk getting caught for substance use with their entire careers on the line. However to make the conscious decision to put themselves at risk of losing their jobs is also not fully understood. Over time the art of duping drug tests has evolved into a business that caters to many. One-shot remedies that have been tried and tested are available in the market, for a little over what it would normally cost to make the traditional home remedies. These products vary in the time it begins to take effect and the success rate of the concoction.

The easiest to ingest and the fastest working products would be the detox drinks for drug tests. These beverages come in ready to consume bottles, and sometimes come in gender and weight specified portions and separate formulas. Designed to be taken 5 or 2 hours before the actual test, depending on the claims of the manufacturer.

Other factors that contribute to the proper functioning of the product are the amount of substance intake by the candidate and the frequency of usage.

To the desperate consumer who has been intimated of the test to be taken in the next few hours, there are some important factors that are essential to their detox drink for drug tests.

A hurried choice

  • Popularity of the brand (Detoxify Xxtraclean Herbal Cleanse and Rescue Detox)
  • Pricing
  • Whether or not the product caters to removing specific drugs out of the system
  • Time period to reach maximum result
  • Least side effects
  • Taste of the product.

Drugspecific, general detox and other combinations of drinks are just a few in the vast array of cloaking techniques that mainly dilute the amount of the drug or alcohol in the body. The detox drinks are infused with niacin and vitamin B which with supplementary amounts of water which aid the body in its goal to help flush the toxin out.

Some of the side effects suffered by the body in case of low tolerance or high sensitivity to certain compounds of the drink, especially due to high amounts of the nutrients.

Side effects

  • Peptic ulcers
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Gout
  • Numbness
  • Memory problems
  • Headaches

While there is a price to pay for the lifestyle of casual vice, some employees raise important points on the grounds of the ethical authority of their employers. Some believe that employers hold no rights to question them on matters that extend beyond the boundaries of their professional lives. No matter which side you choose to support however, there is, and always will be an unacceptable face of drug use, be it for leisure purposes or decided abandon of responsibility and rational thinking.

As human beings who are morally, every shade of black and white, every test will have its set of frauds, and every set of people who are willing to maximize their own profits to help the frauds. There are still methods of detection in these tests and also psychological tics that the examiners tend to pick up from nervous candidates. If anything, the whole process of drug testing and its subsequent deluding ensures that its validity reaches higher standards and tougher requirements.