A Brief Guide On Whiskysmagning

We usually learn what we like and dislike simply by comparing the samples side by side. This is common for all the products that are available to us today. Whiskey is one such prime example which is available in a range of variety. However, unless you are an experienced critic or passionate drinker, whiskey tasting is just experiencing the fragments. Trying the Whiskysmagning in a setting instead of one by one is the ultimate way to sharpen your taste, plate and compare the samples directly.

How to Try Whiskysmagning?

Whiskysmagning is the process of tasting Whisky. Before trying it, you must understand the fact that Scottish products are usually referred Whisky and the American and Irish varieties are usually referred as Whiskey. These terms are used widely in an interchangeable manner and it must be clear for you before you start learning the ways of Whiskysmagning.

Many people believe that the only effective way to taste whisky is simply pouring the drink on your glass and drink it, but in reality there are many things to learn so as to appreciate the flavours of the different whisky. But, the question is how you would try different varieties of whiskey without breaking the rules, getting hangover and bored with the same brand of selection. Below are some effective ways to Whiskysmagning.

Visiting the Local Bar Known for Varied Selection of Whisky

In a bid to Whiskysmagning, you must choose a local bar that is known for the widest collection of whiskey of different brands. There are many decent pubs and bars which also offer cab fare for ride home. You need to do a bit of research online to find the suitable bar in your locality which carries the largest collection of whiskeys from Scottish origin and American brands. It must have at least 100-150 spirits on average for you so that you can get the chance to explore the best brands and taste. This is the most effective way to make yourself accustomed with some of the well-known and popular brands of whiskeys and flavours prior to investing in your own bar.

Buying Tickets to Local Tasting Events

This is another effective way to enhance your taste buds for different brands of whiskeys. There are many local events that organized on monthly or yearly basis. You need to buy tickets to these events so as to try some of the popular and rich brands of the world. You can try out different brands and flavours of whiskeys at these events and develop a taste for different brands prior to investing in the bottles of whiskeys.

Opt for the Whiskysmagning Services

The Whiskysmagning services are the type of service which is designed for smaller groups or individuals that have the desire to explore the whole new world of whiskey on their own without incurring any huge investment upfront. This is the most effective and latest way to discover and taste the varied brands and flavours of whiskey. They will get the chance to explore different brands and spirits which will made easily accessible for you and this is like a program that simply eliminates the requirements of research, choose and source of whiskey, You will be provided with the tasting notes and the algorithms learn the dislikes and likes of the individual so as to come up with new spirits which would suit the taste buds of thousands of individuals. This service is actually referred as the whiskeys concierge services.

Purchase Few Bottles and Simply Host a Whiskysmagning Yourself

This is basically the fun filled method to bring together some of your friends in a bid to help them learn about different spirits and whiskeys. However, hosting a Whiskysmagning party you would require knowledge, right tools and also a budget to do it in right way. The Organizers will provide you with step by step guide which will assist you in hosting the whiskey tasting event. You will also get suggestions for bottles which you need to keep in event for tasting. This approach is great for groups that are larger than 5 people.

The Party Planning Basics of Whiskysmagning

Prior to diving into the researching whiskey and becoming familiar with tasting notes, it is necessary for you to know the basics of party planning.

You are required to host the party on the date and location that you have decided earlier. You also need to decide the right size of the party and make the list of invitation. You need to understand that an intimate Whiskysmagning party would only include guests who are attending it specifically for tasting. However, you can also organize bigger party for tasting which can include others and non-whiskey drinkers also. You also need to choose a scope of whiskey tasting, if you are organizing a small party then 5-6 whiskey brands are enough, while for larger parties you would require 8-10 bottles of whiskeys. Including more bottles would make the guests feel that they have too much to drink and hence they may lose interest in the party.

Finally, you need to consider the list of beverages and food for those who are in the party and also for those who are non-whiskey drinkers. You may go for something that is low in budget like buffet style finger foods and beverages which can be pre-prepared and self-served as this can work best if you want to keep the focus of the guests on whiskey.

Choosing the Collection of Whiskies for Tasting in Party

You need to choose a budget which you are comfortable to spend in the brands and spirits for the party. You need to know that the novice whiskey drinkers would prefer to try 8 varieties, while party guests would even go for higher numbers. The Whiskey from US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Ireland are less expensive compared to the single malt from Scotland. So, make your selection accordingly and don’t exceed the budget that you have set. You can also supplement the whiskey after the Whiskysmagning event is over with the use of cocktails.