Clash of Clans: The War Begins

Clash of clans, a free video game was developed by a finish developer and publisher called Supercell. The game was originally developed for iOS users and was later opened to android users as well. Due to its heavy promotion and a different concept, the game became a big hit in the market. People loved the game and the fact that it is absolutely free.

Main concept of the game:

The basic concept revolves around clans battling against each other to get on the top and earn more and more bonus points. But to get into a clan you need to have a base village, where you will be the leader. Your magical village has resources that are used to power the lives of your villagers. The base has resources in gold and elixir which have their different uses, depending upon the situation. There are elixir and gold mines that are used to get these resources from under the ground. But they can mine only some amount of the resource in a given time which used to depend on the level of the collector.

If you are falling short of gold or elixir, you can always steal from enemy villages and so can they. The more resources you have, the better your village gets. But, also, the more resources your village will have, the more prone it gets to attacks. Though you can’t stop your village from getting attacked, you can always plan a defense against the enemy.

To build defense you need gold and elixir in great amounts for which you have resource collectors and storages. You also need a resource to train troops that you can send to enemy villages and get loot which will be used for updating your village. Besides troops and villagers in your village, you have builders on the base that live in their tiny huts. Builders are very important as they upgrade your defense, resource buildings, and your Town hall. Town hall is the heart of your village that is basically the level you are on, in the game. You have to keep upgrading your Town hall or TH to unlock many exciting buildings and troops that the clash of the clan has in store for you. To upgrade your TH you need a lot of gold which takes a while and usually is done after all the buildings and troops are upgraded.


There numerous clans in a clash of clans which battle against each other to reach the top and earn war bonus. The clan has a leader who started the clan or is succeeding the previous one. There are other members of the clan that have powers in the hierarchy. The leader is on top for obvious reasons, and then comes the ‘co-leader’; ‘elder’ is next and last, is ‘member’. Only the leader and the co-leaders have the authority to promote or demote someone in the clan.

Once your Town hall reaches to level 3, you can build your clan castle which will help you get into a clan. Getting into a clan and win clan wars is the goal of any player. You can either start a clan or can get into one. Getting into a clan has many advantages. You clanmates teach you better ways to battle, good attacking skills, and tricks and also help you win battles by donating you troops, which help you big time in the battle. You also earn more points and gold if you win for your clan. Your clanmates are friendly bases for you and you can also practice attacks on them to make your strategies better and impactful. Also, the troops donated by your clanmates can help you defend your village against enemy attacks.

Clan Wars:

Clan wars are the most interesting and exciting part of the game. Clan wars are done so that the clan can earn more bonuses if they win. By battling against each other, they can improve their ranking in the game and also level up the clan. The higher the clan level, the more advantages you enjoy as a team. A typical clan war lasts for an entire day that is, 24 hours. After the leader or the co-leader selects a war, your clan’s preparation time begins which lasts for 12 hours in which you can study your enemy clan members and plan strategies against their war bases. You can set your base specifically for wars which would be different from your home base.

Each member of the clan that is participating in the war gets an opponent which could be one level up or down from your TH. The opponent can also be on the same Town hall as you. Once you plan your attack against the opponent and get the strong defense to protect your village as much as possible, you can start donating each other troops. You can either take troops along for the attack or keep them for defense. After the preparation day, the battle day, of 12 hours starts when you can start attacking each other. Every member can attack twice in a war but on a different base.

Once the battle ends, the result day comes when the winner is announced on the basis of wins and percentage of damage caused. The war bonus is then distributed to both clans. The winner gets more and the other team gets fewer bonuses. The clan bonus gets stored in the clan castle to keep it safe from enemies coming for loot.


As mentioned above, there are various buildings in a village apart from Town hall, resource collectors, storages and builder’s hut. The game has various troops with different pros and cons. The troops are trained and kept in the camp when they are battle ready. After Town hall 5, you get access to a laboratory where you can research on your troops and make them bigger and better. Strong troops are very necessary as they get you more bonuses earn you more stars and defend your village under attack but that happens only when they are present in your clan castle. You can also protect your village by fortifying it using walls.

On the basis of the stars, you win after your attacks get you a ranking on the leaderboard which is global. To get on the top, you need to upgrade your entire village and make it stronger. The higher the level, the better.