Fabric Pots Vs Plastic Pots – Which Is Best For You

You may have heard about the technology involved in the duo of Plastic Pots and cannabis fabric pots. We shall look at their delivery and point in the direction of which among the two is best for us today. Technology is changing with the times; the use of plastics pots for gardening purposes has been with us since the advent of the use of plastic containers for domestic purposes.

How do both rate in plant technology? We shall look at the merits of both and at the end, it will be clearly seen among the two concepts the better of the two for the health of our plants.

Plastic Pot Pros

  • They Are Cheap
  • They Are Lightweight

Give it to plastic pots, the above two are the only advantages that you can get from it. Besides that, there are no known advantages that are of economic value to the well-being of the plants in this category of the pot.

The Cons of Plastic Pots

Now, let us look at the obvious disadvantages that one can get if you stick to the use of plastic pots for your plants.

  • The Problem Of Over Watering

If we are to go by the theory of the Science, great Sir Isaac Newton which has stood the test of time over the years: “what goes up comes down”. We all know that water is needed for the growth of the plant. The problem here is that there is always the problem of overwatering because the water only finds an entry point through the open pot but no exit point at the bottom. It is easy to overwater the plant; when this happens; issues will arise that will spell doom for the plant. It is worse in pots that do not have drains.

  • Lack of Nutrition

Going further, when the plant is overwatered, there will be no place for oxygen at the base of the plastic pot. Since this is where the roots of the plant reside, there will be issues of nutrition for the plant. Automatically, plant growth and overall health will be affected. This is yet another big minus for plastic pots.

Root Circling

The root naturally wants to explore the depth of the soil deep down. The root of plants inside plastic pots is put in a prison condition sort of. They are restricted within the depth of the plastic pot. When they hit the bottom of the plastic pot and since they cannot go further, they will begin to circle round the base which will deny them the access to the nutrients that are at the below the base of the plastic pot.

Root Rot

Another great disadvantage of plastic pot is the high possibility for root rot. When there is excess water at the base of the pot and no oxygen to boost root activity; root rot of the plant will easily set in.

Fabric Pots

The technology involved in the cannabis fabric pots comes with no clear distinct disadvantage that one could point out for now. We shall, therefore, focus on the huge benefits that come with the use of this technology which is obviously in favor of the plants.


It is a clear fact that roots need oxygen to thrive. In the technology of the fabric pot; there is an allowance for the flow of oxygen from all the sides of the fabric into the pot. There is, therefore, access to an abundant supply of oxygen to the roots which aids the growth of the root. With the optimum supply of oxygen to the roots, there will be astounding results in the plant.

Moisture Control

Excess of the good things of life will be counter-productive; where there is excess moisture, there will be issues in the plant. The fabric pot is permeable, this will allow a two-way traffic of water in and out of the pot. Water comes in through the top of the fabric and permeates through the pot and the excess moisture has its way out of the pot through the sides. With this in place, there will be no issues with overflooding of water in the cannabis fabric pots.

No To Root Rot

Taking the benefits further; with the observance of Newton’s law in the fabric, when water comes in, it finds its way out after the needed amount in it has been taken up by the roots. With that setting in place, the health of the root is guaranteed. There will be no issues with foot root. The roots will have the opportunity to express their potentials to the fullest.

When the roots reach the boundary of the container, they will get the needed amount of moisture as well as oxygen level that they will need to sustain a healthy growth in the plant. The problem of root will never be an issue.

Abundant Yield

When we put all the elements that we have so far discussed together; enough oxygen; ground drainage of water; freedom of movement for the roots; permeability at the sides of the fabric; it will lead to one direction-abundant yield. This will ensure the health of the plants all around and the sight and yield of the plant will more than compensate for the efforts that you have put in nurturing the plant to maturity. You will definitely be pleased with the results that will greet your sight when you behold the health of the plants in the point.

The Fabric Pot Is The Ultimate

Going by the stats stated so far on the merits and demerits of the plastic pot and fabric pot put differently; the handwriting should be clear enough for all to see. With plastic pots, apart from it been cheap and light; you will not gain any value from it when placed side by side the technology that comes with the fabric pot.

Going through the pros of the fabric pot goes to show that it is by far the better of the two. If you want your plant to give you an abundant yield; you desire a flourishing plant, the choice should be cannabis fabric pots.