Mobile glass repair – how do we do it?

Blows and cracks punish the most important glass of the vehicles. What are the methods to recover the original quality and allow an optimal vision; to have maximum safety when driving, it is necessary that the driver has an optimal vision and for this mobile glass repair works well. Today, the most used crystals in vehicles are laminates, which are designed not to explode in the event of a collision. However, the windshield, the most exposed glass in a roll, constantly receives pebbles or bumps that produce cracks. To recover this piece there is a repair service.

You might be surprised to learn that a windshield of an automobile consists of three layers – typically 2 glass items of a thin layer of polyvinyl butyrate between them. If the outer glass layer is hit by a rock or several other particles, the glass could bend as well as chip or crack. The arrangements are made according to the type of breakage, whether it is an impact or a crack. In the first case, “a hole is made at the point where the stone hit.”

Using appropriate tools, a vacuum is generated at the break to extract the air that entered at the moment of impact, then the resin is injected to ensure that all the air was evacuated and replaced by this, then the operator seals the drilling point, forges with an ultraviolet lamp, removes the excess resin, and polishes the surface where glass was missing by the blow, so the glass remains with the same resistance that before breaking.

When an object, usually a small stone, hits a windshield there is a damage called splintering that is immediately filled with air. These damages can be seen easily given their composition: crushed glass, air, cracked edges in crystalline body, dust, fungi, etc. All the aforementioned elements cause a very noticeable optical distortion. When you opt quickly for windshield repair, this is the solution, no doubt, for the structural recomposition. Failing to do so, there is a risk that the small splinter will break into a large crack, so much so that, generally, you should opt for the change of the windshield.

The cracks are repaired by the mobile glass repair with another procedure. “With the tools, there is a minimum separation in the walls of the crack and, with a resin applicator, the fissure is filled starting from one of the ends, the resin displaces the air and makes the mirror effect of the crack disappear. Once it fills the whole, it is forged with high-energy ultraviolet light, this system is the only one that does not need to pierce the end of the cracks so that they do not continue and the resistance of the repaired glass is equal to that of the original,

The science of maintenance and repair of the fracture has changed and progressed over the years, but the method agrees: to replace the air within the division or the chip in its entirety with acrylic material. This process portions to prevent further damage, restore the architectural stability of the windshield and also improve the visual quality for the motorist. The windshield repair is usually at least tried before a windshield is changed, specifically if the damage is minor. Also, the cracks that can be repaired with high quality are those that are between 25 and 40 centimeters at mobile glass repair. They make a hole in the end; it is drilled and sealed in a process of one hour. The guarantee at mobile glass repair is total, and the glass recovers a resistance like the original.

The procedure mobile glass repair is artisanal, fast and economical and consists of filling the whole area of the chippings with a resin specially created to solve this type of windshield damage exclusively. Although the arrangement of the windshields is fast (between 30 minutes and an hour and a half), and damages greater than one meter is repaired, there are elements that affect or prevent total recoveries, such as water, dust, dirt from the street, that penetrate the crack and dirty the inside.

This windshield repair procedure restores the structure of the area affected by the impact causing the chip with a 100% solid equaling its original state. The purpose of offering this type of repairs is to provide our clients with a professional service whose main benefit is the saving of time and money along with our unwavering lifetime guarantee on the work done.

Services at mobile glass repair:

Mobile glass repair is a world-class services, with the highest standards in installation, repair and customer service In general terms, we can affirm that the main objective of our windshield repairs is to prevent such small damage from becoming irretrievable and compelling the change of the same. In this way, the original seal of the factory whose purpose is the perfect airtightness is being conserved and therefore leaks are being avoided, very common due to a bad installation.

A timely repair by mobile glass repair offers the following benefits:


  • Returns the original structural strength and integrity to the windshield
  • Stops the advance of damage permanently
  • Improves optical clarity in the area of impact between 60% and 95% (*)
  • In most cases, it is cheaper than a replacement
  • The cost of a repair is cheaper than the deductible of a simple insurance or with full coverage
  • The originality of the seal and factory tightness are preserved
  • Water, air and earth leaks are avoided, typical of a bad windshield installation.
  • There is no risk of windshield detachment due to poor installation.
  • Most of the time, typical repair times are less than 1 hour
  • The repairs carried out do not require subsequent care.
  • It avoids, apart from the loss of time of an installation of more than 3 hours, bad installation, or leaks.
  • Completely seals the area of damage to water leaks air and moisture to the PVB.