Texture of food – Should it be wet or dry?

Yorkies are quite delicate when it comes to food. You must pick the best dog food for yorkies if you want them to be happy and healthy. And to be able to do this, you should consider a number of factors. For instance, you should find out what ingredients are in the food you want to order. Also, you have to avoid food that has harmful additives, preservatives, colors and flavors. The following should also cross your mind.

Canned wet dog food can be tricky to buy because more than seventy percent of it is just water. The amount of nutrients shown on the label can be quite misleading. A Yorkie is a toy dog breed that has small mouths and crowded teeth. As a result, they could develop a dental disease due to plaque buildup between their teeth. Hence, they would be best eating dry food than wet food as the former would scrub food scraps from their teeth. If you still want to buy canned wet food, make sure you clean your dog’s teeth on a periodic basis.

Dog’s age

When buying the best dog food for Yorkies, think about their age. Dry kibble will not be a good choice for a puppy that is just a few months old. A pureed blend of milk, broth and chicken is good enough. Once the puppies are all grown and can eat dry food, introduce them to it.


This is where all the hard work should go to. One must learn to read and understand what’s written on the food labels to know the ingredients in the dog food. Being a tiny dog, a Yorkie has a sensitive digestive system that could get aggravated by some byproducts and fillers in food. The item on top of the list on the food label has the highest quality and the one at the bottom of the list has the lowest quality. This quality rating is based on weight. If meat appears on the top of the label, consider picking that particular dog food.

Your little Yorkie is a carnivore and will enjoy a diet with more meat than any other ingredient. Meat will provide enough protein regardless of whether it is chicken, lamb, fish or bison. If a particular product lists the first ingredient as a by-product of meat, such as chicken bones or intestines, leave it alone. This by-product should be listed at 5th position, roughly. Food that contains soybean meal, ground wheat, corn and animal digest has fillers that are bad for your small dog. Corn commonly triggers allergy in dogs and it might not be the best for your little Yorkie’s sensitive intestines. An ingredient also has a grade and picking a meaty food, for instance, does not automatically mean that you have the best quality meat.


As always, money matters the most when you are trying to purchase dog food. As much as you would feel tempted to buy inexpensive food, keep in mind that it is the least nutritious. The kind of food sold at your local shops is filled with additives, grains, colors and preservatives that would be good for your Yorkie. Since Yorkies are not voracious, you can manage to buy the most nutritious and costly food for them. A dog weighing seven or eight lbs requires only one cup of food per day. Hence, even the most costly food would last longer. Although the price counts, the quality of food matters the most. So don’t fear to spend on your little pooch so it can stay healthy.

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