Things To Know Before Buying Inversion Table

If you are suffering from back pain, acute or chronic, then it is quite possible that you could have come across the phrase inversion table. There is no denying the fact that there are millions of people across the world who could be suffering from different types of back pain. While some could be caused by a bad fall, sprain or even because of labor pain and menstrual cycles (in case of women) there are others who could suffer from it because of compressed spinal cord and nerve roots. In fact millions of people suffer from chronic back pain because the compression which happens to their spinal cord which in turn puts immense pressure on the nerve roots in the spinal cord. This leads to excruciating and perhaps even debilitating pain and could lead a person to stay in the bed for days at length. It happens generally for people between the ages 45 to 55 though those who are younger and even older could also get impacted by it.

How Is It Treated

There are some conventional ways of treatment including complete rest, coupled with some painkillers in the form of NSAID and even steroids in case the pain becomes unbearable. Chiropractic treatments and physiotherapies are also considered quite useful in offering symptomatic relief for many patients. If nothing works out then surgery is done to release the compressed spinal cord area. If you are looking for a non-invasive but effective way of giving symptomatic relief from back pain then you would do better to have a look at sites likes It will give you some more idea about inversion table and how it could make a difference to the lives of those who are suffering from various types of pains associated with the spinal cord, muscle spasms, joint problems and so on.

What Are Inversion Tables And How They Work

As the phrase inversion table suggests these tables are used to make the body stand upside down. In other words, the head is rested on the ground with the help of a soft resting pad while the feet dangle in the air. This is supposed to relieve pressure off the spinal cord as the muscles relax and they do not compress the spinal cord and also the nerve roots inside it. This could offer quite a bit of relief from different types of back pains. Additionally, the joints are also made to feel light and they get the much deserved rest as it is constantly subjected to gravitational pulls and pressure. It also could help in improving posture apart from making blood circulation better. Hence, relief from back pain, muscle spasm and also improvement of postures are the main reasons why these inversion tables are used. It could also expand the space within the vertebrae and lead to decompression of the spinal cord and this indeed could offer quite a bit of relief. The inversion tables therefore work on the simple logic of giving the body, joints and back the much needed rest to recoup by taking the pressure of gravity out of them.

Are There Downsides

Yes, there are some issues and concerns with regard to inversion tables which also we must bear in mind. For example, people who are suffering from heart problems, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure are advised to stay away from using these inversion tables. This could lead further increase in the blood pressure and build up of blood in the eyes, middle ears and other upper extremities including the brain. The heart rates also slow down quite a b it and this also contributes to increased blood pressure. Further, pregnant ladies and those with kidney ailments and breathing problems may also be advised to exercise caution while using these inversion tables. Finally, those with joint problems and various other such issues are also advised to be careful when using inversion tables. Therefore, there is no doubt that there are some problems and dangers associated with inversion tables.

How To Get Started

The first and foremost job is to try and spend some time and effort in identifying the right inversion tables. There are basically three categories under which these tables are classified, entry level, standard and premium. If you are a beginner you could go in for the entry level inversion tables which could bear a weight of around 100 to 130 lbs. They are easy to handle and are suitable for home use. The same is the case with the standard category which is sturdier and can bear weight up to 200 lbs. The premium variants are expensive and come with a price tag of around $2000 and are motorized and have many additional safety and security features.

Before buying these inversion tables, as a beginner, you must do your research properly and buy something that meets your specific needs and requirements. You must pay special attention to the safety and security aspects and this boils down to selecting inversion tables that are made from some of the best materials including high grade steels. The hinges in particular bear the entire weight of the body when it is in an inverse state. Therefore you must spend quite a bit of time and look for hinges that are solid, strong, robust and also free from the risk of corrosion and rust.

Ease Of Use & Comfort

Finally before buying these inversion tables, you must be sure that you are comfortable using it. The inversion tables must come to you in a ready-to-use state and nobody would like to spend hours unpacking and installing it. It should also be easy to maintain and should be foldable and should occupy as little as possible. The after sales services, warranty and of course price are a few more factors which must be borne in mind when it comes to buying the right inversion tables. It has benefits and advantages and as an end user you must know how best to make use of the same at all points of time.