What is streaming and what is it for?

Many of you may not have heard the term streaming, many others heard about it once but did not pay much attention. Well, today I will try to explain in the simplest way possible, what is streaming? Many of you may not have heard the term streaming, many others heard about it once but did not pay much attention. Well, today at tvad.me pair we will try to explain in the simplest way possible, what is streaming?

What is streaming?

We will not enter into technicalities or mathematical formulas. Streaming is simply the technology that allows us to see an audio or video file directly from the internet on a page or mobile application without downloading it previously to our device. We visualize it as it downloads to the PC, T. A streaming transmission is never stored on the user’s computer, which is why it makes it a bit safer to avoid plagiarism or to capture the audio / video file. In addition, it allows seeing or hearing live broadcasts and living through specific players or on a web page through flash player or HTML5. Have a look at the tvad.me pair.

What is streaming for?

Think, for example, of the launch of the last product of your company. That assembly that is important for the members of your company to see, a seminar, a conference or the fair and / or exhibition that not all of your customers will be able to attend, that party that you want everyone to see, or maybe make your station finally has more audience than the AM or FM can offer. Streaming allows transmitting all this series of events or contents through a website or mobile, and it is perfect for you, if your company or organization is:

  • Business
  • TV / Radio channels
  • Stations
  • Event organizers
  • Communicators
  • Content producers
  • Video Bloggers
  • Day care centers.
  • Surveillance Centers
  • Independents


Then it is important that you use streaming to enhance your products, services and companies.

What do I need to do a streaming?

A provider of Streaming Services, the best is kodi; see tvad.me pair. It can be a free or a paid provider. We recommend of course for serious or business projects to hire the services of a professional.

Transmission elements and equipment, You must have equipment (hardware) that allows you to capture an audio and video signal from a camera for example, and send it to your streaming provider so that it can be viewed from the internet. You will also need some software that encodes the audio and video signal and establish the connection with the Video server.

A computer, to start transmitting it is necessary to have a PC or Mac with certain features. (Recommended)

  • Intel Core i5 dual-core processor 2.4 GHz or higher. Recommended Intel Core i7.
  • 4GB RAM memory
  • Recommended 8GB or more

Internet connection

Maybe the most important factor that defines the quality of the image or audio that the visitor will experience. An Internet connection is required at the point where the signal originated. This connection must meet minimum requirements. It is suggested that a connection of no less than 1Mbps upload (UPLOAD) be provided for an audio transmission. In video, 2Mbps of UPLOAD is recommended for good image quality. From this link we can know how much speed we have in our internet connection. SPEED TEST. Remember that the important thing in this case is the UPLOAD of the connection

An Audio or Video device for tvad.me pair

To transmit audio, in theory a simple microphone connected to the PC and a generic sound card would suffice. However for better audio quality it is recommended to have SoundBlaster or similar sound cards and suitable microphones. Consoles and Compression Hardware are optional depending on the budget and size of the station you want to mount.

For the video and tvad.me pair, a simple webcam connected through the USB port of the computer is enough. However, as with audio, the better the camera or video device, the better the user experience when viewing the broadcast. A MiniDV camera connected through a PCMCIA or USB card by RCA is recommended. A conventional TV card will also serve to transmit a television channel that we tune into the PC. There is free and free software that allows you to connect to a streaming server to start the audio broadcast. Winamp is the most popular of all and hand in hand with Zara Radio will get your online station in a few minutes.

As for the video, there is also free distribution software such as the Flash Media Encoder to carry out the transmission. In both cases, this software do the coding of the data in such a way that they are “light” enough to be transmuted quickly without losing quality. Codecs such as AAC plus and mp3 for Audio and H264 or VP6 for video are the most common. (In future articles we will detail each one).


  • Finally, perhaps the most important link in the entire chain, the Streaming server.
  • It is this person who is responsible for receiving the signal from the issuer, coding or decoding it as the case may be, and redistributing said data to as many users as requested from the user’s website.
  • If we put a service of these in our home, we would not be able to transmit our signal to more than 5 people at the same time through me pair.

As far as servers are concerned, there is hundreds of streaming service providers, as with hosting there are many others that offer this service free of charge under certain conditions of use (Advertising and brand use). It is the decision of each user which is the service that best suits you (Free or paid) according to the use or requirement that you have for your company or company. Tvad.me pair, is ready to order, to implement this service in your company.