What you need to know when choosing the best cordless drill


In these times and era, cordless drills are a big deal when it comes to do-it-yourself drilling tasks, thus there is no need to call experts for such simple tasks. They have different applications for different situations meaning a single cordless drill can help you fix different situations, be it inserting screws into wood, drilling holes in plastics, metal or even into concrete. For that reason, they come in different categories namely; general use drills/drives, heavy-duty and light-duty drills/drives and despite all the benefits they come with, drills/drives also come with some shortcomings. These are some of the pros and cons you need to know if you ever need to purchase the best cordless drill;


  • Compared to doing the tasks by your hands, cordless drills are way much faster when it comes to executing drill/drive tasks. That guarantees you a simplified execution of several tasks within a short period of time.
  • A cordless drill is easily accessible whenever you are ready for work and that means you can even take it wherever you are. Availability of charged batteries facilitates their convenience such that you do not have to worry about power like it would be if you were relying on electrical drills.
  • Rechargeable batteries. Cordless drills use rechargeable batteries which you can always charge at the end of every task. That means that you do not have to buy new batteries each and every other time as is common with other devices that are battery powered. This not only helps save money but is also good for environment conservancy since there is no disposal of batteries now and then.


  • Drills tend to become heavier due to large batteries attached to them: This can be quite a tiresome experience especially if there is a lot of work to be done. Bigger batteries mean that the drills experience cannot be convenient as it is supposed to be most of the times because sometimes they hardly fit into tight spaces. That can only mean that you are forced to turn to smaller drills or sometimes even a screwdriver to finish up what you started.
  • Big and bulky: A cordless drill can be quit big and bulky with the most contributing factor being the large batteries that accompany the drills. That feature can make even the most simplest tasks become a tough and tedious experiences since most drilling tasks require you to lift the device above your head for several times and that can make you opt from lighter drills or even screwdrivers for that matter.
  • Power waiting: Rechargeable drills come with their own shortcomings. It can be a huge challenge especially when relying on a single battery, which means that upon running out of power, you will be required to recharge it so that you can go back to your normal duties. Forgetting to charge your batteries when not using them can put you in a regrettable mood especially when power for charging is not even available at that particular time that you need to charge your battery. Buying extra batteries is the only option since you will have them to cover up for used up batteries?
  • Restricted running times: Different rechargeable batteries come with their own running time in terms of how long they can last after being fully charged. That means you will have to be more thoughtful and have extra batteries such that even when a battery runs out due to restricted running time, you have more to cover you up until you are done with your drilling work.

The bottom line to all this is to ensure that you have enough batteries to run you through your work without having to turn to screwdrivers for help. That may not be helpful enough if they are not always charged to ensure that they are ready for work whenever a task needs to be carried out, so that should always be a priority because you do not know when power shortage will come calling. That means that when all the above is taken into considerations, you are not bound to have any shortcomings with your drilling experience.

Essential Drill Accessories

Drill accessories tend to increase the overall performance of drill machines. They usually make the drilling tasks easier and they are available in the market. These accessories may however not be useful for every other task, but they depend with the preferences of the user who want the best cordless drill experience and what they need the accessories for. Let us look at some of these accessories;

  • Table: A drill press table is a place whereby all the drill materials are disassembled and assembled on. They are very important in that they help ensure that materials do not keep falling off which may result to some of the most important parts disappearing therefore compromising the whole drilling equipment and that will have you replacing them thus incurring unnecessary costs. A drill press table will therefore keep your materials in place by acting as a fence.
  • A drill press roller support: This accessory ensures that you do not need a second party to help you with holding materials in place while working out. Fitted on both sides with outriggers, they can hold a 56‚ÄĚlong stock and also help to move the stock up and down.
  • Clamps: A drill press clamp helps by firmly holding small pieces of work at a particular position for task that requires drilling multiple holes at close intervals on a small space of work that is not spacious enough.
  • Tool tray: Operating a drill press means that tools that are kept in different places can make the whole process difficult. A tool tray accessory comes to the rescue by facilitating the keeping of different tools such as hammers, pliers, and wrenches in one easily accessible place.
  • Laser Guide: This accessory helps by figuring out where exactly you need to drill in order to avoid drilling too many holes close enough to make you repeat the whole process. They point the exact location for drill bits.
  • Dust collector: Metal dust and wood dust is more manageable with a dust collector therefore preventing you from inhaling them for they can be dangerous.